Nicely Covered Beverage Dispenser Covers
Nicely Covered Styles

Signature Style & No Insert Style Covers fit:

Cambro Series:  100LCD, 250LCD, 500LCD, 1000LCD | UC250, UC500, UC1000 | CSR3/CSR5

Carlisle Series:  LD250, LD500, LD1000 | XT2500, XT5000, XT10000 | IT2500, IT5000 | XB503

New:  CaterGator Dispensers

Our patented covers are:

  • Custom fit for each beverage dispenser
  • Machine Washable
  • Long Lasting & No Fading. Logos and graphics will not crack or peel
  • Less costly than a new dispenser
  • A great way to promote your brand
  • Many come with “riser” length!
Signature Style

The Nicely Covered Signature Style model comes with the cover, three (3) polypropylene straps that allow you to adjust the cover, and also  our patented lightweight plastic inserts that create the elegant, finished look and prominently features your brand

Signature Style Cover
Igloo, Rubbermaid, Gatorade
Nicely Covered Igloo Covers
Curtis Air Pot Example
Bunn Air Pot Example
No Insert Style

Our Nicely Covered No Insert Style model has the same beautiful look of the Signature Style but there are no plastic inserts and the optional “strap” is dyed into the fabric! This is a quick pull-over style cover that allows for the fastest change over at events.

No Insert Style Cover

12 x 18 x 9      18 x 26 x 6
 18 x 26 x 9      18 x 26 x 15

Lexan Tub Cover
Lexan Tub Cover
Curtis Thermal Wrap
Fetco Thermal Server Cover

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